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Principal Officer


Anne Rajasaikaran

The Junior Patron (BFCF)


Tunku Amaan Khyra

Tunku Amaan Khyra is The Junior Patron to The Budimas Food Charity Fund (BFCF) Programme. Currently pursuing his higher education into Accounting and Finance from the prestigious, Newcastle University of London, Tunku Amaan Khyra holds his values and passion towards his involvement into making a difference among the underprivileged community in Malaysia. With a successful internship record with PwC Malaysia, he continued his initiative with the start-up of a young entrepreneur’s team, also known as HFX at his respective institution. His involvement into his start-up provided more to his financial and social capabilities that indeed took him one step higher as he recognised his opportunity to participate and contribute his responsibilities through various voluntary programmes both locally and internationally.

Some of his active involvements include his participation into fundraising and donation campaigns under The UNICEF Programme and Royal British Legion. Identifying poverty in Malaysia as an economical and controversial issue, Tunku Amaan Khyra felt the high-need to raise awareness among Malaysians on the importance of helping and educating the underprivileged community. With that, he contributed his efforts to The Budimas Charitable Foundation through many charitable activities under The Budimas Food Charity Fund (BFCF) programme. He has been a great support with his active participation into some of the foundation’s prominent projects such as The Breakfast Feeding Programme at schools and The Budimas Soup Kitchen Project for the underprivileged and homeless community. Tunku Amaan Khyra strives to deliver as much as that is needed, without fail for the underprivileged children through his numerous visits from London to the schools and welfare centres in Malaysia. He aims to bring a change to the growth of the children in Malaysia with many other upcoming projects under the BFCF Programme.


Our team consists of individual with diverse backgrounds, experiences and dedication to our cause led by Principal Officer, Ms Anne Rajasaikaran