Do you know there are over 150,000 children in Malaysia living in poverty? A simple act of giving can make a difference in these children's lives.


iAdopt is a platform which allows donor to donate specifically to our 3 charity funds. They are the Budimas Home Charity Fund, Budimas Food Charity Fund and Budimas Education Charity Fund. iAdopt is a recurring donation whereby your donation will be auto-deducted from your debit card or credit card monthly.

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Budimas Home Charity Fund

A child’s expense at home costs RM390/month.


Budimas Food Charity Fund

A child’s breakfast program costs at RM50/month.


Budimas Education Charity Fund

A set of 10 books for library costs at RM80.


Monthly recurring donation – RM39, RM69, RM99.


One-off donation – RM30, RM40, RM50, or choose your desire amount.

The Budimas Charitable Foundation's Statement on Tax-Exempt StatusRead More