Boon Hock’s Story

My name is Lau Boon Hock and I’m currently studying in Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Jinjang Utara. At home, I live with my mother, grandfather and my 2 siblings. My father ran away a little after I was born and my mother has been looking after us since until recently she had a stroke. She currently can’t move much.

My grandfather on the other hand tries to work but he was not able to do much due to his old age which now leaves our family living in a financial constrain where we are not able to have sufficient food. It is a norm for me to go to school every morning on an empty stomach which I think makes me sleepy most of the time and couldn’t concentrate much in school.

I used to ace my exams and always maintained good grades in school. It was when everything went down at home that I realised I do not have the energy throughout the day and started failing in my exams. Due to me failing unexpectedly, my teacher, Ms Tracy paid a visit to my house and eventually found out what was happening at home.

She then decided to sign me up on the breakfast programme from The Budimas Charitable foundation. Since then, I look forward to go to school every day to have my first meal of the day. My favourite is always the Nasi Lemak”. Without realising it, I started to pick up on my studies and also began to have interest in sports too.

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