Budimas and Suntory Beverage & Food Asia proudly supported the 7th edition of the ChildAid Asia Kuala Lumpur’s (CAAKL) Concert series, which took place on the 17th and 18th of August at KLPAC.

Continuing with last year’s theme that exudes the definition of unity, “Rojak 2.0…Celebrating Diversity”, the annual fundraising concert strived to improve the lives of economically disadvantaged children and to celebrate diversity by uniting talented youths from Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia to showcase their talents with musical instruments and of dancing and singing from various genres and cultures.

CAAKL also introduced the I CAAN programme that provides dance, vocal and musical instrument lessons to children who have the passion and interest in performing arts but do not have the means and opportunities to pursue them. Ralph Lim, programme creator and founder of CAAKL is determined to instil the “Yes, I can” attitude in children and believes that performance arts help children develop talents that are most often overlooked due to their family background.

Anne Rajasaikaran, Budimas Principal Officer added that “all children deserve the best experiences and opportunities to succeed in life. While not everyone may excel academically, if given the opportunity, some will find their place in the world of performing arts. Any form of art, be it dance, music, singing or even acting can help to build character and bring positivity. So, the I CAAN programme is an exceptionally smart effort to provide great opportunities for the children”.

Beneficiaries of the programme undergo training and sit for examinations based on the curriculum of Rockschool Malaysia, the local chapter of the International Performing Arts Examination Board from the UK. This certification is valuable for the children should they be interested in performing at the international stage, concerts, orchestras or even teaching for a living.

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