1. What is Telefundraising?

Telefundraising is a fundraising campaign where potential donors whom has shown interest to support The Budimas Charitable Foundation     (BUDIMAS), are contacted via phone call and invited to support BUDIMAS as a donor. Anyone who gets the phone call will have the chance to chat with our dedicated and friendly telefundraisers about how they can make a regular monthly donation.

2. Who is the BUDIMAS Telefundraising team?

Omniraise Malaysia


Our Telefundraising Team


  1. Kavitha Mano Karen
  2. Najmul Asyifa Azhar
  3. Sharifah Eny Darwishah Syed Daud


Our representative will use the following telephone numbers to contact you


  1. 03-27770488
  2. 03-27770489
  3. 03-27770490
  4. 03-27770491
  5. 03-27770396
  6. 03-27770397
  7. 03-27770398
  8. 03-27770399


You can also contact the BUDIMAS team directly via email info@budimas,org or call us at 03-62526336 for further verification.


3. I have some feedback regarding a BUDIMAS representative. What should I do?

We welcome your feedback as it helps us improve our support to you. To enable us to better attend to your feedback, please also provide us with the following information where possible:

a. Your full name
b. Your contact details (phone / email)
c. Name of representative you talked to
d. Date and time of encounter with our representative