How great is the feeling of doing something nice for someone else? Whether it is by holding a door, buying a coffee for the person behind you, or even just a simple passing smile, BEING NICE FEELS GOOD!

We all know the saying, “what goes around comes around.”

#Berbudibaik2019 is a social media campaign where The Budimas Charitable Foundation is advocating and encouraging Malaysians to make conscious effort to help others in one way or another.

So what is #Berbudibaik2019?

It’s a “paying it forward” concept that revolves around the idea that rather than paying someone back who has done you a favor, you pay that favor forward to someone else. Say a friend buys you a coffee. Instead of returning the gesture next time, maybe you buy a coffee for the person in line behind you and brighten their day just a little bit.


And you are not only helping others, but are reaping the benefits of doing so.