“Hello I’m Norfazlinda and I’m 13 years old this year. I’m the youngest in 4 siblings and our mother looks after all of us as my father passed away a little after was born.
When I got to the age of 7, it was the first year of school for me. I attended school for 3 years and lost interest in it. I eventually stopped at Year 4. Eventhough my family persuaded me to attend school, I still insisted that I do not want to.
One fine day, I noticed that there were constructions in my village and I was told by a neighbor that people were building a library for us. The library was situated a little less than 500 meters from my house. When the library opened its doors, all the children in my village spend most of their time there. In the beginning I was reluctant to go to the library as I can’t read or write and was rather embarrassed that if some of the other children find that out about me. After some time, I began to notice that some of the younger children could read books and the change the library has brought to the children in my village. I slowly began spending, my time in the library and began to go to school again after a year of quitting. Now, I can confidently say, I can speak, read and write both in English and Bahasa Melayu very well.
I’m here to say thank you to The Budimas Charitable Foundation, for encouraging me to continue studies and cultivating my interest in education. Thank you again for the library and the many materials that it has for all us to read.”