As we celebrate World Food Day, it’s essential to reflect on the significance of nutritious food in the lives of underprivileged children in Malaysia. The Budimas Charitable Foundation, led by the Chairman, Tunku Dato’ Yaacob Khyra, has been a beacon of hope for these children, providing them with the sustenance they need through its extensive feeding program in 150 primary schools across the nation. In this article, we explore the critical role of nutritious food, not just on this day but every day, in empowering these children to thrive and break the cycle of poverty.

The Foundation’s Remarkable Efforts

The Budimas Charitable Foundation’s breakfast program has been a lifeline for 5,000 underprivileged children in Malaysia. In a country with a rich culinary tradition and abundant resources, it is heart-wrenching that there are still children who go to bed hungry and attend school starving. The foundation’s initiative has made substantial progress in addressing this issue and deserves to be celebrated on World Food Day.

The Nutritional Divide

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in the development of a child. Unfortunately, underprivileged children often face a nutritional divide, depriving them of the basic building blocks they need to grow, learn, and thrive. Malnutrition can lead to stunted growth, cognitive impairments, and a higher susceptibility to diseases, creating a vicious cycle of poverty and underachievement.

The Budimas Charitable Foundation’s feeding program is actively bridging this gap. This program was first initiated in a small school in Kapar, Klang, where the team first met a group of undernourished children who were not attending school, instead they were waiting in the school canteen for some leftover food by the canteen operators. It was from there we decided that we should fund these canteen operators and work together with the school teachers to identify who these children are and encourage their attendance in school by providing them with free breakfast.

A Recipe for Success

Nutritious food is the cornerstone of success in a child’s life. Here are some reasons why it is so vital:

  1. Physical and Mental Development: Nutrient-rich food is crucial for children’s growth, from strong bones and muscles to cognitive development. It empowers them to perform better in school and lay a foundation for a brighter future.
  2. Health and Well-being: Good nutrition is a critical component of overall health. Proper nourishment helps children stay illness-free, reducing healthcare costs and enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives.
  3. Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: By providing underprivileged children with nutritious food, the Budimas Charitable Foundation is breaking the cycle of poverty. Healthy, well-fed children are more likely to stay in school and excel academically, secure better employment opportunities, and escape the clutches of generational disadvantage.
  4. Empowerment: Nutritious food empowers children by boosting their self-esteem and confidence. When they feel healthy and well-nourished, they are more likely to pursue their dreams and aspirations.
  5. Community Growth: The positive effects of the Budimas Charitable Foundation’s feeding program extend beyond individual children. Communities benefit from the overall well-being of their children, and a well-fed generation can contribute to the country’s progress.

Supporting the Cause

On this World Food Day, it’s crucial to recognize and support the remarkable efforts of the Budimas Charitable Foundation. Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, you can play a role in ensuring that no child goes to bed hungry in Malaysia. The foundation’s mission is not only to provide immediate nourishment but also to empower these children to become the future leaders and changemakers of Malaysia. We are grateful to the supporters and donors who has profusely believed in our cause and funded us to make a difference in the lives of many children in Malaysia.

Tunku Dato’ Yaacob Khyra, Chairman of The Budimas Charitable Foundation, emphasized in his speech during the World Food Day with Budimas celebration:

“At Budimas, our dedication to the welfare of children is not just sentiment, it is a resolute mission that beats at the heart of everything we do. We firmly believe that food is not just a privilege but a fundamental right for every child, regardless of their circumstances”


Our Hope

The Budimas Charitable Foundation’s feeding program is a beacon of hope for underprivileged children in Malaysia. As we celebrate World Food Day, let us remember the transformative power of nutritious food in shaping young lives and breaking the cycle of poverty. Together, we can ensure that every child in Malaysia has the opportunity to thrive and succeed, not just on this day, but every day of the year.

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