03 Jun 2019

Kuala Lumpur, 9th March 2019 - About 300 children of Kampung Orang Asli Pos Betau, Sungai Koyan, Pahang received Budimas’ back-packs filled with goodies; stationaries, biscuits, snacks and drinks from The Budimas Charitable Foundation today at Rotary Club of Bangsar’s 2nd FREE MEDCAL CAMP. Aligned with the foundation’s mission which is to aid the underprivileged children in Malaysia, the back-packs were a hit with the children of this community whereby they are poverty stricken and hardly have a chance to have proper meals, let alone goodies like such for the children.


As part of the Budimas Education Charity Fund’s goal, which is to cultivate the interest towards education amongst the children of indigenous communities in Malaysia, this initiative is the first step in encouraging the children to have interest in their studies. Budimas hopes that with these back-packs, children of the Pos Betau community, where they are situated almost 70km from the city will be encouraged to attend school.


“As a non-profit organisation, we at Budimas are thankful that there are service organisations like the Rotary Club of Bangsar, that provides humanitarian services to the communities that are in need. It is a no-brainer for us to step in and make their effort an even greater success by making the kids of the Pos Betau community feel happy and contented. All our efforts are only made possible by our loyal donors that believe in our cause and trust in what we do,” said Anne Rajasaikaran, principal Officer of The Budimas Charitable Foundation.

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