'Art Hug' by Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Advisory

24 Sep 2018

Kuala Lumpur 9 June- The Budimas Charitable Foundation organize a day visit to Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Advisory with over 10 Academic Excellence children for a day to explore their talents in art. 

SGFA champions the development of mind and spirit through dynamic engagement.  Our long standing ArtHug initiative provides creative encounters for enabling and thoughtful personal development.

Through art-inspired modules, children are introduced to exciting perspectives on art practises and contemporary art movements. They participate in discussions on the relevance of creativity for individual and community. Art Hug allows exploration of environment, community, and person, colourfully and verbally,  nurturing empowerment and confidence.

The day start off with the couch from Shalini Ganendra to talk about the history of Mask and the importance of mask untill today.

Children experience the history of mask-making and take part in the process of making a mask.

At the end of the day, they all went back with their accomplisment and a smile on their face, everyone had a great time in designing their own mask. What a day!


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