Budimas Orion Home Career Talk

10 Dec 2017

Budimas Orion Home First Career Talk
Three young and talented speakers motivated children at Budimas Orion Home

Senawang, 10th Dec 2017 – The Budimas Charitable Foundation home management has organised its first career talk for Budimas Orion Children on the 10th of Dec 2017. It is aim to motivate and provide children guidance to pursue their dream into future career. 

The career talk is hosted at Budimas Orion Home for 53 children at the age of 7 years old to 19 years old. Budimas has invited speakers from different background to share about their career. We have invited speaker, Abdul Syukur Hj Abdul Rani (23 years old), a fulltime artist and owner of STUDIO ATAS in Shah Alam. He is also the former child of Pertubuhan Kebajikan anak Yatim Darul Izzah, Bangi. 
2nd speaker, Dr Muhammad Razwan Ruslan (26 years old). He is a dentist at Klinik Pergigian Hospital Orang Asli Gombak and at Klinik Pergigian Raihan, Batu Caves. He is also a fashion designer and owner of dr.razwankualalumpur

3rd speaker, Jeslyn A/P Anantha Rajah (19 years old). She is a good grade student from Lincoln University, PJ. She is studying degree in Doctor of Medicine ‘MD’. She is also a child from Shephard Home, Dengkil.

Each of the speakers has given a 20 minutes talk to the children. Children are soon to arrange into groups, they are given some time to draw and share about their ideal career. Meanwhile, speakers has given their 1 to 1 consultation to the children. 

It was a great day for Budimas Orion Home children. They are truly inspired for the great work done by each speakers in their career. 


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