About Our Campaign: Celebrating The Act of Kindness in Conjunction with the month of giving (November)

30 Nov -0001


How great is the feeling of doing something nice for someone else? Whether it is by holding a door, buying a coffee for the person behind you, or even just a simple passing smile, BEING NICE FEELS GOOD!

We all know the saying, “what goes around comes around.”

#Berbudibaik2018 is a social media campaign where The Budimas Charitable Foundation is advocating and encouraging Malaysians to make conscious effort to help others in one way or another.

So what is #Berbudibaik2018?

It’s a “paying it forward” concept that revolves around the idea that rather than paying someone back who has done you a favor, you pay that favor forward to someone else. Say a friend buys you a coffee. Instead of returning the gesture next time, maybe you buy a coffee for the person in line behind you and brighten their day just a little bit.


Ideas for your #berbudibaik2018 for Budimas:

Here are some ideas you can start off with people around you; colleagues, family, your partner and friend! Use and adapt any of the ideas below to perform your own #Berbudibaik for The Budimas Charitable Foundation.

Visit Budimas Orion Home and spend time with our children through engaging

Donate household goods to our homes

Gift a “Back to School” kit for children equip with stationaries, colour pencils, water bottle, food container and note books

Plan a Community Social Responsibility (CSR) which benefits our 3 funds (Food, Education and Home).

Spread the news about #berbudibaik to your friends and family and get them to participate

Donate your skills that will benefit our children (Photography class, English & Math tutoring, Cooking/baking class & Art class)

Crowdfund for the construction of our new Budimas Children’s Library

Host a book drive to collect children’s books that will furnish our libraries


Ways to Donate:

Depending on your ability, we have offered a few ideas on ways you can assist us in carrying on our missions and programs:

We are in need of contributions, donations and volunteers that will enable us to fund our 3 major programmes; Budimas Home Charity Fund, Budimas Food Charity Fund and Budimas Education Charity Fund.

Methods to donate:

  1. You can click here to pledge as our donor
  2. You can donate via JompPay:
  3. You can donate via online banking or cash deposit to:

Bank Name: RHB

Account No: 2-14062-00051383

Account Name: The Budimas Charitable Foundation

If you are able to help in any of the areas above, we truly appreciate the effort and the generosity for your help to ease the plight of underprivileged children in Malaysia!

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