Kuala Lumpur, 2 May 2019 – In an effort to bring joy to the faces of young children and give them hope of a better tomorrow, COURTS Malaysia and The Budimas Charitable Foundation (Budimas) recently joined hands to launch a year-long fundraising campaign to give back to the community.

Under the “Sumbangan Memupuk Perpaduan” (Everyday Malaysians, Together) initiative, a charity programme that runs from now until March 2020, COURTS Malaysia and Budimas have come together to transform homes whilst fostering sustainability and providing necessary comfort within the homes. ‘Bag of Hope’, yellow, sturdy biodegradable bags are available across all COURTS’ 52 retail stores to empower and encourage their customers to be a part of this positive change to the community. Besides being eco-friendly, these bright and cheery bags are roomy enough to be your best companion during various shopping endeavours. With a minimum contribution of just RM5, customers can take home a large COURTS branded, ‘Bag of Hope’ and do good at the same time.

Funds raised at this year-long campaign will go towards 60 homes supported by Budimas across Malaysia to make living conditions more comfortable and contribute towards basic necessities for the orphaned children.

“As a retailer that is committed to providing value to customers, it is heartening for us to contribute towards a cause so close to our heart. Having been in Malaysia for 33 years, we are appreciative of the support extended to our brand and endeavour to give back to the local community that has supported us so faithfully, with the roll-out of this new campaign. Sumbangan Memupuk Perpaduan initiative was birthed because we believe in being inclusive and what better way to put action to our words. With a strong partner like The Budimas Charitable Foundation, we have worked together to identify homes, anticipate their needs and hopefully make an impact to empower children who represent Malaysia’s future whilst bringing smiles in the process.” says Low Bee Yin, Commercial Director, COURTS Malaysia.

Anne Rajasaikaran, The Principal Officer of The Budimas Charitable Foundation also remarked: “At Budimas, we get to touch lives and make changes for the underprivileged children in our country because of the support of organisation like COURTS Malaysia. We are thrilled to know that they also believe in contributing back to the society and are actively providing humanitarian services to communities that are in need. We are proud to collaborate with COURTS and make their effort an even greater success.”

The foundation’s core mission is to provide guidance and funding in support of the welfare and the well-being of orphans and underprivileged children in Malaysia. They emphasise on bringing a normal childhood to these children so that they could grow up to be independent, strong and empowered like the rest. Their objectives are to manage Pusat Jagaan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Budimas Orion, a shelter to accommodate underprivileged children located in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan, extend monetary support to 60 charitable homes nationwide with over 2,600 orphaned and underprivileged children, provide breakfast for over 5,000 children from poor families in 130 public schools nationwide and build as well as manage Budimas Children’s Libraries in Orang Asli settlements.

At the same time, COURTS Malaysia’s signature Rumah Amal programme will continue into its 4th year. In line with the partnership with Budimas, COURTS is adopting selected Budimas homes and will be involving staff volunteers throughout the year through to March 2020 to make home visits and provide much-needed home furnishing and electrical items to these homes during key festive events.

To date, the charitable contributions made through Rumah Amal COURTS have totalled over RM700,000 and have reached over 120 homes and communities nationwide. The programme aims to provide basic household necessities, such as furniture and electrical items, to homes in need.

Join COURTS in taking little steps for a better tomorrow by shopping at COURTS. Bring home a Bag of Hope and contribute a smile to the faces of the Budimas children today!

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