Child’s Speak


Hi, I’m Zul and I was originally from Santan, Kampung Padang which is up north in the state of Perlis. Back then, I lived with my father and my little brother, Hakim in a little abandoned shack..

Prince Praveen

Hi, I’m Prince Praveen and I live in Rumah Kebajikan Chrestus, Cheras which is one of the charitable homes that receives financial aid from The Budimas Charitable Foundation. I have been living here…


Hello I’m Norfazlinda and I’m 13 years old this year. I’m the youngest in 4 siblings and our mother looks after all of us as my father passed away a little after was born. When I got to the age of 7…

Boon Hock

My name is Lau Boon Hock and I’m currently studying in Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Jinjang Utara. At home, I live with my mother, grandfather and my 2 siblings. My father…

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